Having spent all of my adult life in same sex relationships I struggled to know where God fitted into my life despite having been brought up going to church.  Consequently I tried to go it alone, turned my back on God and thought nothing of it….but God was still thinking about me and at the age of 48 I finally listened and at last I got it, I got that he loved me, had loved me all my life and was willing to forgive me for all my sins.  It wasn’t quick and it wasn’t easy to get right with God and the journey has been long and tough, but it has been worth it and within this site I intend to talk about my ongoing journey in order to help others who want to explore their relationship with God or support family or church members undergoing this immense struggle with sexuality and faith.

As a prodigal of almost 40 years I have a huge heart for reaching out to others who ache like I did for so long.  For those feeling that they are too far from God to ever come back to him, those who feel that their sexuality is a barrier to even entering a church let alone talking to God about their feelings and to those who are confused about what the Bible says about sexuality, what the church says and how they can interpret God’s word for their situation.

If any of this rings true for you then this site is for you.  I want this to be an oasis of hope for you, a place of truth and love and a place where you can explore how you can rekindle a relationship with God.  I don’t profess to be an expert in theology or religious studies, I’m coming at this from a personal perspective and with a desire for all who arrive at this site to leave feeling the love of God, the support of others and the confidence to take small steps to a full time and fulfilling relationship with God.

I also feel a burden to speak out to church leaders and church members to explain how it feels to struggle with sexuality, how you can help us through embracing our presence in your churches with love combined with the truth of the gospel, to support and nurture us as we find our feet and find our way with God once more and to give you a small insight into the battles we face daily as we take those first faltering steps back to our Father’s arms.