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March 2018

Unsure which voices to listen to??

This video really spoke to me.  The truth, may at first be shocking to some, but I believe it is the truth that Francis Chan is speaking.  In my journey, I have encountered church goers who have questioned my choices, misquoting the Bible or saying that it is not relevant anymore.  This clip is not about homosexuality but it is about knowing what Jesus said, recognising his word as the truth.

Wherever you are in your journey of discovery about God’s purpose for your life, if you are unsure who to listen to, be encouraged by this clip, read what Jesus said and it will open your heart and mind to his will and his purpose for your life now, and for eternity.


Center for Faith video – Dear Church I’m Gay

Thanks to the Center for Faith for putting this video together

dear church


Rewriting God’s rules is not an option

It’s good to share positive articles about Christianity and homosexuality and I found this one to be particularly helpful.

I particularly liked points 7 to 9:

7. Same-sex attraction in itself is not a sin – many people lose sight of this.  As with many things we encounter in life we will experience a temptation to sin.  However there are many of us who are able, with God’s grace, to overcome this particular temptation and remain obedient to God’s requirement for us all to live in celibacy unless we are married.

8.  Sexual intimacy is not a right – living in this generation it feels like we are living where people are heightened to their every right, what they should have, what they are entitled to and so on.  I love that this article places us clearly in the same bracket as the divorced, engaged or single Christians who also are called to exercise restraint as they too remain celibate.

9.  We cannot rewrite God’s rules – how often do we hear the argument that the Bible is outdated, that things have changed, that views on sexuality have changed and Christian should adapt. No, no , no…  We cannot rewrite God’s rules, his word is the same yesterday, today and forever.







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