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May 2017

Talking to your kids about sex

Talking to your kids about sex is so important, if you’re not talking about it then who are they listening to? I have added a link below to a great article by Kris Vallotton.  Whilst this article doesn’t specifically cover how you talk to kids about homosexuality, it’s a great guide and starting point.  Be prepared for these conversations to be quite challenging and have your biblical perspective and answers ready.


Where are those who are not deceived?

Wanted to share this poem I wrote today, encouraging Christians to be bold about speaking out.  I was inspired to write this after yet again seeing a TV interview accusing the church of homophobia.  When will we have the courage and boldness to stand up and be counted as Christians who believe and are obedient to God’s word?  It’s not homophobia to speak out in love and truth.

Truth and justice, send forth your Spirit, where are the loyal, where are those who do right?  Where are those who are not deceived, those who have openly received your word, where’s the respect, where are the obedient, stand up, move out of the darkness, the Lord is your light, stand up for all that is good and right, do not be disgraced and put to shame, claim the love of God, claim his forgiveness and turn your witness back to his saving grace, fear him as you seek his face, there is no one like him, we are all that are left of his chosen people, come, bring your offering to our King, see that justice is done, let mercy be your first concern, learn to humbly submit and obey your God, guard your thoughts, protect your mind, bind his word on your heart, fasten his words around your neck, don’t let the world affect your stand, let God’s hand guide you, let his love fill you, we will never change this world by staying silent, don’t relent, don’t be content with mediocre, for sure that’s how Satan will choke us, church stand up, arise, fix your eyes firmly on your God, the truth is what will set us free, not liberality, stand up, unite, hold fast to God’s teaching, courageously be bold in your public speaking, for God is not seeking to hurt or shame, God is not looking to pile on the blame, his desire that we speak truth in love, his desire that not one of us be lost, he is the Lord, he is gathering his people to bring them home, the lame and the outcasts, the lost, no matter the cost he gives us the courage to speak about justice, to speak of sin, the Lord is on your side, no harm will come near, filled with his Spirit speak without fear

Sexual Sin – an eye opening sermon

How I wish I had watched this video a long time ago!  If you are unsure about God’s view on sexual sin, this video brings a strong message of love and support but most of all of truth.  Please do take some time to watch it.

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