I remember as a young church goer being so scared of coming out as gay, because I had been taught that this was the “worst sin” and I believed God could not love me.  Now some 3 decades later I see this video where Clayton Jennings speaks of a young lad who has been told by his Pastor the same thing, God cannot love him because he is a homosexual.  NONSENSE… God loves us all, we are all sinners and fall short of the Glory of God (Romans 3:23).  God loves you, he wants a relationship with you and he wants you to turn from your sin, but trust me when I say he has never not loved you and will continue to love you for ever.

God wants a relationship with us and the first step for many of us hurt by the words of church pastors / leaders is to trust God and understand that he looks on us no differently from anyone else.  Once you really believe that then you can get on with the real fun part of getting to know God, seeking his guidance and changing your life for the better through confessing your sins and moving forward in a new direction.