It’s such a shame that the media always focus in on the negative and not the positive.  Like today I’ve woken up to press stories on facebook about a Christian “Mom” Blogger who has now divorced her husband and is dating another woman.  Can you imagine the same headline for a Gay Blogger who found Christ, I don’t think so!

In Mark 11 we read the story of the fig tree, a tree full of leaves and show but bearing no fruit.  We need to be wary of “Christians” who are like this.  We need to be wary of those who label themselves “Christian” as a form of religious belief but who have no personal relationship with God.  I was reminded only yesterday of the need to focus on God alone.  If the devil taunts or tempts look him straight in the eye, that is do not be afraid of him, do not give in to him and walk away from the temptations.

It appears that in this particular case the Blogger was already advocating behaviours outside of God’s teaching and that is the start of the slippery slope.  If we are grounded in God, grounded in his word whatever Satan says to us we can rebuke.  Jesus himself used scripture when tempted in the wilderness, how much more should we use it in these dark days.

If you read about this Blogger and are tempted to do the same, seeing it as acceptable or desirable I urge you to think again.  Satan will use many tactics to kill, steal, destroy, he is the great deceiver, do not fall into his web.  God is very clear in the Bible about homosexual behaviour; celibacy may not be the easiest path to follow but it certainly will be the most rewarding.

Praying that this Mom will feel God’s love surround her and that her eyes will be opened to God’s word and desires for her life.