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October 2016

I have news! God is not to be feared.

Proverbs 9:10 – The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

When the Bible says “fear” of the Lord I used to think it was because God was an “angry” God.  I suppose reading the Old Testament in an isolated framework and some of the teaching styles of the church in the 70’s could give that impression and therefore Fear of the Lord really did mean to me  “be afraid of him”.  Couple that with a Bible knowledge that knew it clearly said that Homosexuality is a sin I was afraid not just of God but also of the consequences of my actions.  So afraid in fact, that the easiest thing to do was to run away, not to face up to it and work it through but to run from God and hope that it all went away.

I have news!  God is not to be feared.  God is to be respected and believed and as we start to do that then we start to gain more wisdom and revelation into his desires for our lives. Knowledge of the Holy One can be gained through a closer walk with God and a deeper understanding of his word.  Reading the Bible is so important, and reading it in context so much more important.  Having recently embarked on a reading plan to read the Bible in 90 days starting at Genesis and working through, so much falls into place as you read it in context to other events and happenings recorded previously.

Our relationship with God is personal.  As we seek to know him more he will make clear our paths, he will make clear the ways in which he wants us to walk.  And this is all I suggest anyone exploring their faith and sexuality does.  Fear the Lord in the right way, do not be afraid of him he is your friend (he gave his life for you) start a relationship with him, one where you both talk and listen and gradually you will hear his voice and understand what areas he needs you to be obedient in.  Don’t be afraid his plans for you are perfect.





Could God’s word be less clear??

I was reading Jude this morning in the NIRV version of the Bible and it just struck me that yet again here is another verse that warns us of what is happening now.

Jude 1:4 – Certain people have secretly slipped in among you. Long ago it was written that they would be judged. They are ungodly people. They misuse the grace of our God as an excuse for sexual sins. They say no to Jesus Christ, our only Lord and King.

If you are reading this from the perspective of someone living in a homosexual lifestyle yet believing that this is OK in God’s eyes I urge you to take a look at this verse again.  Look at who you are walking with, who you are talking to about your faith.  I encourage you to get a balanced perspective and speak to many different people, yes other same sex attracted people but also your pastors, ministers and heterosexual church members to help you interpret God’s word.  And finally pray through these passages with God, ask for revelation, wisdom and discernment so that you can understand what God is telling you.

Do not be deceived the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy…..

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