I was reading a post about the Archbishop of Wales backing gay marriage and have to say that once again the comments are a poor reflection of Christian love one for another.  We are called to love, of course we can disagree on things but please let’s reflect God’s love in the way we talk to each other.

One post that I thought was good and tried to pull people back in love suggested all took a step back and prayed:

  • Pray that the poison of doubt, confusion, and fear that statements such as these spread would be neutralised.
  • Pray for the church (the body of Christ) to have a revelation of the complete truth of God’s word, and to walk in that truth.
  • Pray that our youth and children, who have to deal with the mentality of these last days in their more impressionable years, would know and be grounded in the truth of God’s word no matter what.
  • Pray that at every opportunity, and with godly wisdom, Christians will speak out the truth of the Bible (ALL truth, including truth on sexual immorality, sexual morality and marriage) so that every one around us can hear.
  • Pray that those who tell lies and the lies they tell will be exposed, not for shame but for healing, and that God’s will would be done in and through His church.