A local youth drama group are currently doing a production of “Bare-A PopOpera” and there is a lot of hype around the production.  One thing it brought on my heart due to the subject matter was the question, “what are we teaching our children about same sex attraction and how are we protecting them?”

If we don’t have a conversation with kids about same sex attraction and what God’s word says about it what protection will they have from temptation?  When Jesus was tempted he himself used scripture to rebuke Satan.  If our children do not know the relevant scripture or have been brought up believing that the Bible is silent on this matter how can they protect themselves?

Same sex attraction is portrayed all around us, not just in theatre but in television, films, chat shows, social media as well as it being more openly displayed in public by same sex couples.  So if a child grows up seeing this and we never have the conversation with them then what will they think?  Or worse still if all you say to them is that you think it is wrong with no substance to back that up then their only feedback on same sex attraction is ” it’s wrong cos my Mum said so”, what kind of argument is that?

We need to equip our kids from a young age to deal with all the worldly issues they are going to encounter and same sex attraction is just one of these.  Yes they may grow up with same sex attraction but with God’s help and a strong foundation in the Word they can overcome, whether that means they do end up happily married or remain single they can be fulfilled in God’s love.

Parents if you are struggling with this issue, how to talk to your kids or if you perhaps are struggling to see it as a sin yourself please do refer to one of these websites: