Just been reading this article on the Premier Christian Radio website: http://bit.ly/2bOtcaC

So first of all that made me sad.  Sad that there is a possibility of a split, of course that is not what anyone wants, we want to be united as a church and as people of God.  However it also made me glad too.

Why glad you may ask?  The reason for this is that I feel that at last there are people within the church who are prepared to stand up to the liberals, to make a stand against the pressures of secular culture and speak out as Jesus would have done.  If the church cannot come to an agreement on this then I suspect it is inevitable that there will be a split. It’s not just about those practicing homosexuality but to my mind those also “tolerating” or “condoning” it as acceptable “Christian” behaviour.

I long for the day when those leading the church in this country (and others as well) start to teach God’s word and that alone, to be led by the Holy Spirit and him alone and to stand up for the beliefs of the majority of born again Christians in this country.  As someone who struggled in the gay lifestyle for so many years I yearn for the day when there will be biblical guidance for those struggling with same sex attraction given in love by a church who stand up and says enough is enough to unbiblical teaching and secular pressures to conform.