I was watching this clip (see link below) yesterday where some Christians are discussing our reaction to transgenderism.  I liked Lisa Bevere’s comments in particular.  So she was saying that it’s about identity and seeking to change our identity.  The first recorded issue of wishing to change identity was Satan who sought to be like God and then reacted by tempting Adam and Eve in the same way.  Wow, that was really powerful to me, I have done a lot of study on identity and our identity in Christ yet I had never thought of that.  How we fall, how Satan is trying to tempt us to change our identity, whether it relates in extremes to our gender identity, our sexual orientation or more commonly maybe to how we perceive ourselves in our day to day activities.  But why do we want to change our identity, it is only through identifying with God that we can claim the victory over Satan, we are perfect, God made us to be perfect, he formed us in our Mother’s wombs, so isn’t it time we stopped looking for excuses, stopped looking for something more or something different and immersed ourselves in all that God has planned for our lives.  Let’s face it we’re all searching for something but that something can only be found in Jesus.