Now here’s some great advice.  If you feel God calling you back to church or indeed to attend church for the first time don’t focus on your sexuality, but focus on listening to God’s voice, cos you know what, he misses you and wants to spend time with you.

I struggled to go back to church after a 30 year gap because I focused on the “what will people think of me” aspect, rather than thinking “what will God think of me?”

You know it doesn’t matter what people think of you, it’s all about you and God.  Once you connect with him, like really hear from him you will not care one bit about others because what God offers is unconditional, unashamed love and acceptance.

Let’s face it we are all sinners and that includes all those in the congregation of the church you are about to walk into.  No sin makes you any worse than anyone else and God tells us quite clearly in Romans 5:8 that he loves us even when we are still sinners and still apart from him.

So don’t let pride or fear prevent you from taking that first step into church. I encourage you to have a quick chat with God before you go in, like Lord help me feel comfortable and welcomed in your house and then take that next step on your journey of discovery.  Rest assured, God will be taking that step with you.  Let us know how you got on we would love to hear from you.