When you become a Christian it’s important to remember that you are not alone.  Stepping out of a homosexual lifestyle can feel lonely, especially when many of your friends and peers are still in that lifestyle and that can be tough.

Surround yourself with support, people who will pray for you, people who will pray with you and people who understand what you are going through.

So in my case these were often three different groups of people, sometimes there may be a crossover between the lines and one person can fulfil two or three of those needs. What is important in my continued walk with Jesus is that I have people who I can talk to when things get tough and can call on to support me in prayer.

Now when I say things get tough, let’s face it any major change of lifestyle is not without its difficulties and that can be said without hesitation for walking away from the gay lifestyle.  Some of my biggest challenges on this front come from the LGBT community themselves.  I live in a small town and have not yet met anyone “like me”, someone who has come out of the gay lifestyle and become a Christian so I have found it particularly useful to make contact with Janet Boynes ministries for support.  I am in email contact with one of their volunteers and she really knows the walk because she herself has been out of the Gay lifestyle for 10 years.  To me that means so much because she really gets it, really understands the challenges and I know if at any time I needed to I could contact her and get practical advice.

I have support through church and I would recommend that you seek out Christians who agree with your biblical stance and are prepared to pray with you on a regular basis.  And it doesn’t have to be all about you!!  Those prayer sessions can turn into amazing sessions of supportive prayer which uplift both you and the rest of the group.  There may be others who it is not practical to pray with on a regular basis but who still support you.  Do not be afraid to ask for prayer for a one off situation or on an ongoing basis.  Be honest about the struggles you face and when things get tough, turn to your prayer warriors and get them on the case.

If you have not told anyone about your struggles to leave the gay lifestyle I urge you to find someone you trust to support you or get in contact.  You know, when we become Christians the enemy is not happy, he thought he had us bound in his chains a long time ago and he is going to try every which way to get you back.  Don’t give him a foothold, surrounding yourself with loving support is your first step to keeping strong.  When I first gave my life to God my first prayer was, ”God surround me with strong Christian women”.  He is faithful and has answered that prayer many times over which is why I remain strong in my faith, why my walk with God grows stronger on a daily basis and why I know even at my lowest ebb that I will not falter.

If you want any support in your walk or a listening ear feel free to message me via this site.