You don’t know the impact you might have on someone’s life.  That’s an incredible thought, both good and bad.  What you do, what you say, how you react can all impact others and their walk with God.

When I first became a Christian I was blessed to be in a church where I was welcomed and loved.  It was difficult for me because I felt different, I dressed different and I felt like an outsider.  My first group experience at the ladies prayer group was terrifying for me, I thought I would be left on the periphery and that I wouldn’t fit in.  However what happened was amazing, as I gave my testimony to one lady her respect and almost nonchalant acceptance of my previous lifestyle made me feel so welcome.  As I struggled through my first faltering steps of moving from the gay lifestyle to finding my Christian identity I had people to support me every step of the way, even to the extent that they would study the Bible and the relevant verses on homosexuality to help me understand them, they listened and watched various debates on homosexuality with me as I trawled my way through the internet and acted as a sounding board for all my questions and my insecurities.

Because this church group embraced all that I was and showed no prejudice against me I felt in a “safe place”, I could be open about my concerns, about temptations that came and I grew with them in my faith, I was not on my own.  I’m not sure to this day that they recognise the impact that they have had on my journey, but I do know without them I couldn’t have achieved all I have and I wouldn’t be nearly so strong in my faith.

I reckon what I’m saying here is that whoever comes to your church, whatever their struggle, showing love and being prepared to walk part of their journey hand in hand with them speaks more than waving the Bible at them or quoting verses. Just a kind word, a smile or a hello could make a massive impact on that person, you may never know that you have helped them, but does that really matter?  God knows 🙂