I was reading this article earlier today and tried to maintain an open mind to what was said.  Having attended one of the consultation meetings in my area I can only agree with the comment below:

The report noted concern from within the church that voting for same-sex marriage would “damage its prophetic and counter-cultural role by giving into changes in society”.

The overwhelming view of the people I shared a table with was against change and these were people of all walks of life who I had never met before (apart from the one lady I attended the meeting with)

A couple of quotes within the article stand out for me:

  1.  Revd Graham Carter told the Methodist Conference that there is a “clear mandate” to “revisit” the church’s definition of marriage via a ‘re-examination’ of theology. He said the move could create an opportunity to “reconcile the church” with same-sex marriage proponents who had chosen to leave.
  2. “The current situation”, he said, “leaves many same-sex couples within the church, and most same-sex couples outside the church, and their families and friends, continuing to feel alienated, unloved and unaccepted”.

Are we too keen to please everyone?  Are we seeking to become a reflection of our politically correct society, we can’t do this for fear of upsetting that community, we must do that or we will upset this community etc?

I believe that as Christians we have to draw a line in the sand.  We are called to speak the truth.  We are called to love and to me the greatest love shown to me is when someone tells me the truth.  It’s like when I was told how I could walk with Jesus, how I could receive his unending grace and his gift of eternal life, that’s a gift worth changing for. How much better to be told about that great gift than to be told I can walk down the aisle and marry my same sex partner.  A fleeting enjoyment and satisfaction of my human desires versus new life, a relationship with God and eternity in heaven.  If same sex attracted couples feel alienated by the church then YES we have to try and address that by making them welcome, loving unconditionally and not judging but most importantly we must not try and appease any sector of society by watering down the word of God.