I have another Blog which I have been writing for over a year and in it I share poems that relate to my life and experiences.   I would like to share a poem that I posted over a year ago that I would have loved to write to my parents many years ago.

If you are ever in a situation where your child or family member rocks your world in any way, I pray that you will remember this poem and support, love, cherish and most importantly continue to pray for them



What will they say, I am so scared, do you think they’ll be prepared for the multi layered complexity of what I will tell, should it cause them to recoil and say, surely our child cannot be gay?

I’ve heard them talk, I know their thoughts and after all they love the Lord, so this is not the time to say, Mum, Dad hello, I think I’m gay.

But then the dilemma, how can I go on, I’m sorry if I seem withdrawn but this is big, it’s huge it’s vast, it’s never going to go away unless I find the nerve to say, Mum, Dad hello I think I’m gay.

What will you say when your child speaks out, I urge you now to think about your response to this immense admission, so you will not fail in your recognition that love and acceptance are the answer not condemnation and opposition if you are to maintain open conversation.

My prayer for you is that you’ll find that you can keep an open mind, place your child in the Lord’s hands.  Don’t lose the relationship you once had for pride or shame or fear such as, what will the ladies say at church, what will my colleagues think at work, for after all what really matters is our God provides for every chapter and even if your life’s in tatters he holds you and your child so close and never ever will let go

In illustration of God’s glory here’s a glimpse of my story.  When I came out I felt so lonely and turned my back on all his teaching, never had much time for preaching, stopped attending church at all, didn’t realise quite how hard I’d fall.  But thanks to prayer and love and care, over many years he was always there whispering quietly in my ear, always ready to forgive and always ready to help me live the life he had planned for me, thank God you died to set me free and brought me back to life as me