Before I gave my life to God I was really quite sceptical, what was God’s word all about, why did I have to change my lifestyle to be a Christian, wasn’t it based on a load of outdated rules and regulations that mean nothing today and was it actually of God or manufactured by man?

Here’s what I would say to the old me now..the me who believed in God but wasn’t sure about his word being true.

Dear Old Self

It’s great, I’ve come to see that the Bible is God’s word.  You know the problem is if you still don’t believe the Bible is God’s word it’s so difficult for me to explain things to you.  However, I feel a great responsibility to do my best to represent God’s word to you and I’m going to try.  I certainly don’t want to misrepresent what God says however I can no longer gloss over the fact that in the Bible God addresses the practice of homosexuality as a sin.  And it’s not just one verse and it’s not just in the Old Testament, you know God’s all over it, he makes it clear in so many ways it’s mind blowing when you just allow your mind to be engaged.

How does that make you feel towards the new me?  Can I talk to you about this, about why I believe God’s word is true?  I so want a chance to debate this with you, to open up dialogue, to explore this with you..

And how does that make you feel towards God?  Are you still angry with him?  Can you talk to him about this, are you able to let go of the hurt and let him talk?

You know it’s so important to me now to remain true to God yet I want to show friendship and love to you, I will always be here for you.  Please don’t run away from this, you know it would be so good to talk and I am ready and waiting to open your heart and mind to the amazing life God’s got for you.

Hope to see you real soon

New Self