There have been a number of times in my journey that I have talked to another Christian about homosexuality and faith and  I was just thrown out by the response.  The immediate response of “well that doesn’t matter, I don’t care, doesn’t worry me, that’s OK, don’t think it matters now days” to quote just a few.

Unfortunately over the past year a number of people have automatically made an assumption about me and my lifestyle and this often results in my being on the receiving end of this type of platitude and to me as a Christian I feel it’s almost political correctness gone mad.

Think about it, I’ve spent much time in prayer over my decision, so when a Christian starts to tell me that they think I’ve got it wrong, God’s word is not relevant for today’s society it’s as if my journey and my battles are demeaned, they mean nothing….

As Christians we are called to not judge, but we also are called to speak in love and truth. How can you be that loving person when you first meet someone who is in a same sex relationship, reflecting God’s love and compassion?

My advice, pray!  Pray about this topic, get to know God’s heart, understand his words… be informed.

I don’t know how others in my position feel, but I just want to be able to tell people about what God has done for me in my life and use that testimony to help them reflect upon his word and make their own choices.  I am happy to have a healthy debate with anyone about where I stand on God and homosexuality but would rather not be made to feel like I need a pat on the head and the standard “it doesn’t make any difference to me” response.

I have the utmost respect for the Christians who I have met who listen to me, don’t judge and have actually studied the Bible and drawn their own conclusions based on more than “political correctness” or a desire to be accepting, those who agree or disagree with my stance but who actually take the time to understand me and not make assumptions about me, they are the ones who reflect God’s love for me.